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Wisdom teeth are often called our permanent adult teeth, with origins as old as the earliest days of our existence. Wisdom teeth often cause impaction when erupting into the back recesses of our smaller modern mouths. Removal before an eruption can mean fewer issues with pain lessening over a week. 


The steps to Dr. Joseph’s Dentistry’s Wisdom Teeth Extraction:

  • Digital x-rays are done to determine how your wisdom teeth are seated and whether their eruption will impact or affect your other teeth, cause infection, or worsen your future bite.
  • Dr. Joseph will go over the x-ray results with you, and together you and he will determine the best course forward. It is often easier to remove not-fully-developed wisdom teeth of a younger patient, 17 -22-years-old than teeth fully matured and impacted in a 35-year-old’s mouth.
  • You will receive a list of food alternatives and allowed liquids to have on hand for the days following your wisdom teeth removal.
  • Prior to your day of surgery, you may choose to receive a prescription for a sedation anesthesia pill to lessen any anxiety.
  • On the day of the surgery, you will receive a local anesthetic to provide numbness. During surgery, you remain awake and will experience the sensation of movement and pressure but no pain at all. Dr. Joseph’s Dentisty uses the Body Temperature Injection Technique to alleviate fear sometimes associated with needle injections. Read more about this beneficial technique.
  • You’ll be sent home with written aftercare instructions to keep your incisions clean and helpful notes reminding you of likely expectations during the first week after your wisdom tooth (teeth) removal.
  • Dr. Joseph’s Dentistry is very aware of opioid pain control concerns. Typically there has been little need for prescription medication past a few days post-surgery. Over-the-counter medication, indeed, may suffice.
  • Pain medication is designed to mask any pain while recuperating at home; however, you will experience mild swelling, bleeding, and bruising along your jawline. 
  • Get proper sleep to speed healing and allow your body to build white blood cells to stave off infection.


How long does the pain last from wisdom tooth removal?

Once the anesthetic has worn off, after 3-5 hours, you will slowly begin to feel some pain and discomfort; this is entirely normal. Pain peaks after 5-7 hours and the degree of pain depends on the pressure used during the removal process. It is essential to chart when you’ve taken your meds.


Should you still be in pain 7 days after wisdom teeth removal? 

How long the pain lasts depends on many variables. With complex extractions or multiple wisdom teeth removal, pain can last longer than is typical, 7-10 days, and 4-6 days for easy extraction of undeveloped wisdom teeth. 


Is wisdom teeth extraction very painful?

If wisdom teeth are fully developed with roots that have little room to grow, the teeth are impacted, and the jaw bone and gums experience bruising with the pressure required to extract the teeth and their roots. Pain medication helps during the discomfort of bruising and swelling.



It is good to understand your or your teenagers’ wisdom teeth to plan for their possible extraction. 

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