Welcome to London Dental House by Dr. Joseph 

Fresh Name. Modern Logo. Same commitment to patient-centric dental care. 

Formerly known as Dr. Joseph’s Dentistry when Dr. Joseph took over the practice from Dr. MacArthur, we have rebranded the clinic to have its new name and logo – London Dental House, to reflect our team’s dedication to advancing patient-centric dental care within a contemporary and welcoming setting. The rebranding includes a fresh visual identity that blends tradition and modernity, symbolizing our mission to continue offering comprehensive and personalized dental services while embracing modern techniques and technologies. 

Come meet Dr. Joseph and our wonderful team of Hygienists and we’d be more than happy to customize an oral care program for you. Regular visits to Dental Hygienists help in early discovery and diagnosis of dental issues. 

Our team strives to provide a friendly and inclusive environment for everyone and cherishes the privilege and responsibility of caring for your dental needs. We extend a warm welcome to all our patients, both existing and new. 

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to our dental home.