Root Canal Treatment in London, Ontario

Tooth discomfort can impact your smile and daily activities. At London Dental House, our specialized endodontists are dedicated to minimally invasive care focused on resolving oral health concerns. Through advanced root canal therapy, they are trained to thoroughly address infection using precise techniques. Their goal is to relieve symptoms, restore wellness, and preserve natural teeth whenever feasible through a customized treatment process tailored for each individual. 


Benefits of a Root Canal:


  • Pain relief. A root canal effectively eliminates tooth pain by removing the infected pulp and sealing the root canal space. This provides immediate pain relief.
  • Tooth preservation. Rather than extraction, a root canal saves the natural tooth structure allowing you to keep your original tooth.
  • Avoidance of dental implants. Root canals avoid the need for expensive dental implants or bridges to replace extracted teeth.
  • Prevention of dental infections. Leaving an infected tooth untreated could lead to a serious dental infection in your jawbone called an abscess. Root canals prevent such infections.
  • Maintains facial structure. Losing a tooth causes bone loss over time which can distort your facial appearance. Root canals maintain normal facial structure.

Whenever possible, we aim to perform root canals rather than extractions to relieve pain while saving your original teeth. However, if a tooth is determined to be completely non-salvageable, we will discuss replacement options like dental implants to restore your smile.


Our Root Canal Process for Effective Tooth Pain Relief

Root canals become necessary when injury, decay, cracks, or repeated dental work cause inflammation or infection of the pulp tissue inside your tooth. Without treatment, the infection can spread, leading to unbearable tooth pain, abscesses, and potential tooth loss.

At London Dental House, our goal is tooth preservation. Root canal treatment removes infected or inflamed pulp, thoroughly cleans and disinfects the inside of the tooth, and seals the space to prevent further infection. This can save even severely diseased teeth.


Our advanced root canal process includes:

Diagnostic testing like x-rays, exams and pulpal testing to determine if a root canal is required

  • Use of local anesthetic to completely numb the area before treatment
  • Placement of a dental dam to isolate the tooth and protect your mouth
  • Accessing the pulp chamber and removing infected pulp tissue
  • Cleaning, shaping and disinfecting the interior canals using modern instruments
  • Filling and sealing the interior canals to prevent reinfection
  • Restoring the access hole temporarily until crown placement

With modern technology and microscope-assisted precision, we fully clean and shape the tooth’s intricate inner anatomy. This provides effective, lasting relief from infection and discomfort. We also offer anesthesia options to maximize your comfort.


Root Canal Aftercare for Optimal Healing

To maintain the results of your root canal, follow these care instructions:

  • Take any prescribed antibiotics fully to eliminate lingering infection
  • Rinse gently with warm salt water to promote healing
  • Avoid chewing on the tooth until it is permanently restored
  • Practice excellent oral hygiene with brushing, flossing and cleaning
  • Return promptly if you experience any sensitivity or pain

Proper home care after your root canal is essential for the best outcome. Avoid biting or chewing on the tooth until the permanent crown is placed. With good oral hygiene and avoiding trauma, a root canal tooth can last for many years.


Choose London Dental House for Advanced Root Canal Treatment

At London Dental House, Dr. Joseph and the team have extensive experience, advanced training and the latest technology to perform comfortable, successful root canals. Benefits of choosing us include:

  • Dental microscope for enhanced visualization and precision
  • Modern techniques and instruments for complete cleaning and shaping
  • Gentle, caring manner focused on your comfort
  • Latest anesthesia options to maximize your ease
  • Digital X-rays for accurate diagnosis
  • Tooth-colored restorations for natural aesthetics
  • Complete aftercare instructions for optimal recovery

With our expertise, your root canal will be in the most capable hands. We make sure you are informed, comfortable and satisfied through every step of treatment.


Save Your Natural Smile with Root Canal Treatment

With a caring approach prioritizing comfort every step of the way, our team works closely with you to achieve the best possible oral health outcomes and renewed confidence.

If you are experiencing severe tooth pain, infection or injury requiring root canal therapy, contact London Dental House today at 519-672-5600. Dr. Joseph and the team provide advanced, gentle care to save damaged teeth. 

We will ensure you are comfortable and satisfied from diagnosis to restoration. Call today to learn more or schedule your root canal – we’re here to save your natural smile!

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