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Austin Powers notably had bad teeth. That detail, although a parody, speaks to our limited expectations of what a dentist did 60 years ago. It is now attainable for your family dentist to not only be your oral health specialist but to be trained in several fields, cosmetic dentistry being one.  –“Yeah, Baby.”


“Dr. Joseph is highly knowledgeable, professional and friendly. He gave utmost care and attention in removing cavities and filling my teeth. The dental office looks fantastic as well.” – S. Gopalan. This is just one of the dozens of 5 star online google reviews for Dr. Joseph’s Dentistry in London, Ontario.

You probably know people, maybe you are one yourself, for whom achieving a significant number of specialties within a profession allows the consistency of quality you know the people entrusted to your care deserve.


An honest and non-biased assessment should be part of professional dentistry services. In today’s age of cosmetic dentistry, it is profoundly helpful to know you are coming to a dentist who, foremost, has your oral and medical health in mind.


Kindness and compassion shine brightly in a charming century-old yellow brick family dentist office on historical Queens Avenue in London, Ontario. 

From the time Dr. Joseph was young, he cared deeply about helping others. So, it is no mistake he and Raji have made their dentistry office bright and welcoming to reflect their care and sense of responsibility for their many patients.

 Dr. Joseph is proud to offer all three classes of dental services; major restorative care, preventative and diagnostic care, and basic restorative care.


Are there procedures pregnant women should avoid at the dentist?

A dentist with pregnancy experience. Dr. Joseph's Dentistry

Pregnancy is a time of high alert for your future baby. With assurance from the most recent information on the Canadian government Public Health website, a pregnant woman should visit her dentist “in the first trimester to have her teeth cleaned, and oral health checked.” “A woman’s hormones during pregnancy can sometimes affect her risk of gum disease and consequences through periodontitis (infection of the bone holding teeth) can impede good pregnancy outcomes.”



  • X-rays of your mouth should only be done in emergencies if you’re pregnant, although all dentists employ lead aprons to protect your fetus if you require an emergency x-ray. Dr. Joseph chooses to use digital x-rays that use 70% less radiation compared to standard film x-ray.
  • Dental fillings should be done during the fourth to sixth month of pregnancy, only because you may be less uncomfortable physically during this time. 
  • You should refrain from using teeth whitening systems while pregnant just to be on the safe side. Retail-available whitening toothpaste is safe to use.


A dental implant is a specialized service offered at some dentist offices.

A dental implant at Dr. Joseph's DentistryDr. Joseph and his team provide implant surgery and any required bone grafting for his patients as an alternative to bridgework and dentures. Implants are the most sought-after surgical procedure for one or a few missing teeth. Implants provide the most solid support for your nearby teeth, a crucial aspect of a healthy mouth. A surgically implanted bio-compatible titanium screw and post is allowed to fuse with your jawbone, and on your return visit, your new 3-D printed crown is mounted in place.  



With toddlerhood comes tooth upsets that may not be communicated well.

Dr. Joseph's Dentistry has a child-friendly London officeYour toddler will, at some point, have an unknown sensation with one of their teeth, having no idea why it’s feeling oddly or hurting them. You, too, may likely not know why they are feeling discomfort, adding to your anxiety. And before you know it, both of you are crying. 

Firstly, yes, call your dentist. It’s always helpful to talk to someone who may have a wealth of knowledge around children’s tooth issues at their disposal, and requesting an appointment with a kid-friendly dentist may be the best decision. 


A few remedies quickly found at home may help

  • A warm salt water rinse feels soothing while the salt acts to kill bacteria 
  • A cold compress on the outside of their cheek will help numb the pain and reduce swelling 
  • Ibuprofen or acetaminophen in the recommended child dosage will help with a higher degree of pain


“Dr. Joseph promotes a caring family atmosphere. At the same time, you feel assured of absolute professionalism. A rare find in a dental office of general care, and specialized surgeries and procedures.”


Invisalign is a specialized procedure offered at some dentist offices.

Dr. Joseph's Dentistry InvisalignOne of the perks of scientific advancements has come in the form of 3D printing. Dr. Joseph embraces this exciting and opportunistic digital science to ensure ongoing consistency of care for his patients. For lesser tooth adjustment or stabilization, Invisalign has become the most requested type of discreet orthodontic treatment.





Why do we have wisdom teeth if so much collective time is spent removing them?

A prehistoric drawing for our prehistoric wisdom teeth. Dr. Joseph DentistryPrehistoric suppers consisted of much roughage, raw meat and roots, so ancient humans benefitted from a greater number of tooth surfaces since teeth wore down more quickly. Our jaws have de-volved in size, which often results in overcrowding in our mouths, especially our very back teeth, the wisdom teeth. 

Often, the wisdom teeth are removed before they descend and before their roots grow to avoid any future complications. An x-ray is the best way for a dentist to know whether your teenager could have all four teeth removed or if any of their wisdom teeth need extraction.

Please contact Dr. Joseph at the phone number below if you have not yet had an x-ray of your teenager’s teeth. The office specializes in wisdom tooth removal for teenagers and adults alike and encourages you to be informed about the debate around the removal of wisdom teeth. Healthy Debate publishes journalism about health care in Canada.



Do veneers cover my whole tooth?

Cosmetic Dentistry at Dr. Joseph's DentistryThe term Smile Makeover has been made popular with the introduction of veneers, a thin porcelain semi-translucent layer that is permanently bonded over your existing teeth, usually the two front ones and only on the front face of the tooth. Although they are not for everyone,  veneers can help if you have; a space between your teeth, chipped or broken teeth, stained or discoloured teeth, or teeth that are crooked. The look you should strive for is a natural one. The first step is coming in for a consultation to tell them your hopes and any concerns. Dr. Joseph will provide you with his compassionate and honest feedback.

If a white smile is your goal, Dr. Joseph may be helpful in alternatively suggesting a teeth whitening program, which includes custom-moulded-trays and a take-home whitening kit.



When should I bring my child to my dentist’s for a cleaning?

We welcome your children in our child-friendly dental office. Dr. Joseph's DentistryThe Canadian Dental Association (CDA) recommends taking your child to see a kid-friendly dentist sometime within six months of their first tooth’s arrival. 

Gentle dental cleaning is recommended when your toddler is between 1 and 2 years of age, and it will help acclimatize them and allow your dentist to keep on top of any cleaning issues.

In fact, it’s a great idea to bring your toddler into a dentist’s office early to help them feel more comfortable. 

Children under three years of age should have their teeth cleaned for them by an adult and continue to have assistance until six years old. Flossing and before-bed brushing (bacteria otherwise has eight hours to wreak havoc on their teeth and gums) are the two most crucial oral habits to instill in your child during their toddlerhood.



Is Your Child Moderately Scared of Dental Injections?

Body Temperature needle for dental anxiety or a fear of needles. Dr. Joseph's DentistryIt is not uncommon for early childhood fears to cost our adult selves hundreds of hours in a psychologist’s chair later on. Many dentists have ways to lessen the feeling of a dental injection, thereby decreasing the fear.

Dr. Joseph’s office offers a tablet form of mild sedation for adults with dental anxiety. They do not provide sedatives for children. 

The Body Temperature Injection Technique is a preferred, effective, and easy solution to dental anxiety or a fear of needles. The freezing mixture is warmed to the temperature of the human body, effortlessly eliminating the pain of the needle.



Are dentures still used?

How are your dentures? Dr. Joseph's DentistryDentures are suitable if you’ve been unfortunate in your oral health past to lose your natural teeth, either through gum disease, injury, or tooth decay. 

Your ability to chew correctly can make a difference to your health, and feeling more confident in your ability to smile will help your quality of life. A premade full-set of acrylic dentures are less expensive than porcelain dentures that are partially fitted for just one or two teeth.

George Washington, the US president from 1789 – 1797, suffered from poor oral health and wore upper and lower sets of dentures fashioned from human teeth, animal teeth, ivory, and metal for most of his adult life. 

 Contact Dr. Joseph’s office if you have concerns with your existing dentures or would like to discuss the options.



If two of my teeth are gone, is a dental bridge my best option?

Dental Crowns and Bridges are similar. Dr. Joseph's Dentistry Evidence has been found to substantiate the existence of dental bridges 4,000 years ago. People in China carved false teeth from bamboo, and ancient Egyptians used silver or gold wire to connect their versions of dental bridges. By the 1700s, human teeth became such a commodity that some people resorted to selling their teeth.

Dental bridges cost less than the work of separate crowns or implants; however, a consultation with your dentist to explore all options for your particular tooth loss is the recommended action. 

Titanium implants are now used and are the optimal support for fixed dental prostheses or bridges. However, abutted existing teeth can be used where cost savings are necessary as long as specific criteria are met. The dental surgeon will grind the existing teeth to a shape that will anchor a bridge. You can read more about types of bridges here, on the Canadian Dental Association (CSA) site.



The advent of ceramic and why it is used for dental crowns.

Crowns can help after an tooth injury. Dr. Joseph's DentistryDental crowns are made in an offsite laboratory. Your family dentist sends an impression of your soon-to-be ex-tooth to a dental lab, where through either traditional or new 3D printing technologies, dental prosthetics like crowns, bridges, and dentures are expertly created. 

Crowns fabricated from ceramic (also known as dental porcelain) allow light to shine through, looking more like natural teeth than the traditional gold, palladium, nickel, and chromium, notably flattering for front teeth. Ceramic provides the most natural colour match to your teeth and is the best material to use for metal-free requirements. Although they are slightly less long-lasting than all-metal crowns, all-ceramic crowns are much stronger than resin crowns.

If biocompatible dental restoration is important to you, please contact Dr. Joseph’s office by calling the number below or online here. Their dentistry office uses 3D technology to ensure optimally-fitted, rebuilt teeth in as short a time as possible. 


“Science and art have always gone hand in hand, so it isn’t surprising that some doctors have embraced the ability to create within their specialty.” 


Dr. Joseph is proud to offer all three classes of dental services; major restorative care, preventative and diagnostic care, and basic restorative care.


Visit the rest of their website here, or please call their friendly staff with any questions.

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